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Southern Farm Bureau Insurance, Jackson, MS

Property Details

324,800 sq. ft.
Commercial office building

Product Installed

One iQ1001

Installed Capacity

1,000,000 BTU/hr
Zero Gallons storage


Ferguson Enterprises

Intellihot ensures hot water for leading insurance company.

This leading insurance company’s headquarters needed to upgrade its aging water heating equipment to a more efficient design that would provide them reliable hot water and help reduce their monthly gas consumption.

Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company, chartered in 1946, began operations on January 2, 1947, as a capital stock life insurance company. Today the organization has branched into cities and towns all over the South. As a result of their dedication to quality service, Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance has grown in strength and stability. On July 1, 1980, the company moved into this new office building and held its first day of full operations. At the time, the new office was the largest non-government single occupant office building in the state of Mississippi.


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The Challenge

The company had a 1000 MBH boiler and a 500 gallon storage tank. Their old boiler was becoming problematic and unreliable. They made the decision to upgrade rather than continue to pour money into repairing it.

The Intellihot Solution

One Intellihot iQ1001 was purchased and installed in the building, and it is supplying this commercial office space with all the hot water it needs, without a single storage tank.

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